SIX FEET UNDER "Undead" /Ltd. Digipack CD/

The 9th full-length album by legendary American Technical Death/Groove Metal band.
One of the world's biggest Death Metal acts is still a commanding force of sonic destruction! Powerful, musical and yet distinctly Death Metal. What makes “Undead” work is a balance between the tooth grinding intensity of its blasts and the bone-strewn muck of its down-tempo bits.
It is their first album to feature drummer Kevin Talley and guitarist Rob Arnold who quit touring with the band and was replaced by Ola Englund the day the album was released. Rob Arnold recorded the bass on this album as Jeff Hughell joined after the recording sessions. This album marked the transition in the band's sound from a more traditional Death Metal sound to Technical Death Metal.
If you're into throat-grabbing riffs and groove-oriented extreme music...”Undead” is right up your alley!!
Metal Blade Records, 2012 (3984-15089-2). Made in Germany. Pressed in Austria. First press.

1. Frozen At The Moment Of Death     3:42
2. Formaldehyde     2:46
3. 18 Days     2:40
4. Molest Dead     3:13
5. Blood On My Hands     3:38
6. Missing Victims     3:58
7. Reckless     3:04
8. Near Death Experience     2:57
9. Delayed Combustion Device     3:08
10. The Scar     3:28
11. Vampire Apocalypse     3:54
12. Depths Of Depravity     3:50
Total playing time: 40:18

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