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WEAPON "Embers And Revelations" /CD/

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    Band: WEAPON
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Third full-length album by Canadian Death/Black Metal band.
Сanada is rife with excellent Death and Black Metal acts right now, and Weapon can be counted among them. After two stellar albums of filthy Blackened Death Metal, band makes their blasphemous Relapse debut with "Embers and Revelations". Sounding like an unholy mutation of Bathory and Morbid Angel, Weapon plummet even further south of heaven with "Embers And Revelations", invoking aural images of the legends of the first wave of classic Black and Death Metal but with a uniquely Eastern slant. Not only does the band have peculiar origins (Canadian by way of Bangladesh), but Weapon continue to prove themselves a multifaceted musical beast that is Black Metal in concept, Death Metal in sound, and classic Heavy Metal in spirit.
They’re not as occult styled as their west coast brothers Mitochondrion or as disturbing and enigmatic as Antediluvian, they hold their own in a nice enclave they’ve carved for themselves within the crowded genre. "Embers And Revelations" arriving two years after "From The Devil’s Tomb" which was a hellish squall of riffs, mixing Raw Black energy and splashes of Melodic or Progressive Death. It was a big step up from their first record and showed that Weapon write strongly and has great promise, leaving room to grow with each release while laying down top notch Death Metal. "Embers And Revelations" takes the progress they made in "From The Devil’s Tomb" and refining it further to display 37 minutes of prime Black/Death Metal.
Whereas other bands that started out as Black Metal but then evolved into Death Metal (think Gehenna, Aeternus, and to a lesser extent Behemoth) lost a bit of "magic" along the way, Weapon just seems to keep on truckin’. Makes way for the new heathens of darkness, Weapon present to the hordes one gloriously punishing collection of instantly classic Blackened Death Metal with ‘Embers And Revelations’. “Embers And Revelations” is not their magnum opus - that honour still belongs to their debut - but it is a very worthy addition to their discography and recommended to fans of atmospheric/ritualistic Death Metal!
For fans of Vital Remains and Morbid Angel!!
Relapse Records/Mazzar Records, 2012 (MZR CD 570). Made in Russia. Used: very good.

1. The First Witnesses Of Lucifer 4:48
2. Vanguard Of The Morning Star 4:19
3. Crepuscular Swamp, Unhinged Swine 5:14
4. Liber Lilith 4:58
5. Grotesque Carven Portal 2:28
6. Embers And Revelations 3:52
7. Disavoving Each In Aum 5:27
8. Shahenshah 6:07
Total playing time: 37:13


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