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The third full-length album by the Portuguese Death 'n' Roll/Crust band.
Finest pure Old School Metallic Punk!
"Holy Beast" delivers 14 relentless and savage tracks, the album bleeds and sweats the atmosphere of pure old school Metal, unleashing a new found ferocity, nihilistic rage and intensity!!
The band approaches a whole new concept on both Death Metal and Punk styles. The result is a vicious and shocking atmosphere that will sure appeal to fans of most genres.
We Are The Damned most vicious album to date will appeal to the indecent and obscene, a truly uncompromising album that explodes in the face of fashion!!!
Bastardized Recordings, 2011 (BE052). Made in Germany. First press.

1. The Anti-Doctrine 2:22 
2. Serpent 3:35 
3. Throne Of Lies 2:54 
4. Devorador Dos Mordos 3:13 
5. Christian Orgy 2:05 
6. Diogo Alves 1841 3:46 
7. Atrocity Idol 2:44 
8. Summon The Black Earth 2:51 
9. Viral Oration 3:29 
10. The Glorious Grisly 2:51 
11. Vengeance Havoc 3:16 
12. Raping The Law Of The Land 3:40 
13. Lucifer Vip (Chapter II) 9:21
Bonus Track:
14. Neo Pigs 4:08
Total playing time: 50:15

Samples: https://wearethedamnedofficial.bandcamp.com

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