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The debut full-length album by Russian Epic Medieval/ Atmospheric Black Metal band.
The attractiveness of music performed by the band take roots in its stylistic diversity. Here you can find instrumental songs with charming Folk melodies, acoustic guitar pieces, grand symphonic suites alternating with radio drama inserts and battle drums edged with guitar distortion. There are also Extreme Black Metal songs based on Metal riffs flavored with true belligerent screaming accompanied by epic choirs. As a result, we have an original musical canvas created by Moongates Guardian duo – a perfect soundtrack to “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy that welcomes listeners to the mysterious world of the Middle-Earth!
More Hate Productions, 2015 (MHP 15-137). Made in Russia. First press.

1. Back to Middle-Earth (Preludium) 03:18 
2. Lament for Theoden 04:01 
3. Wolven Blood 03:58 
4. Boromir's Riddle 04:01 
5. Isildur's Curse 04:34 
6. The Fall of Gil-galad 04:00 
7. The Riddle of Strider (Album Version) 03:27 
8. Smeagol's Promise 03:09 
9. Song in the Orc-Tower 05:40 
10. Malbeth the Seer's Words 05:58 
11. Moria (Preludium) 03:58 
12. Lament for Gandalf 07:08 
13. Children of the Sea 06:59
Total playing time: 60:11


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