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EIDOLON “Sacred Shrine” /CD/

  • EIDOLON “Sacred Shrine” /CD/

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    Band: EIDOLON
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First compilation album by Canadian Power/Thrash/Speed Metal band.
This release is a collection of demos recorded between March & July 1995 at Eclipse Recording Studios, most of which were previously unreleased.
Eidolon dates back to 1993 when Glen and Shawn Drover made the decision to start up a recording studio, a couple of demos was recorded in 1994/1995, their 1996 “Zero Hour” debut was self-produced and self-released. Eidolon was signed to Metal Blade Records before their 2000 release “Nightmare World”. The year after “Hallowed Apparition” was released and they played the Bang Your Head Festival in Germany with Judas Priest, Megadeth, Stratovarius, etc. In 2003, when “Sacred Shrine” was released, the band traveled to Germany once again this time to play on the Wacken Festival alongside Twisted Sister, Slayer, Annihilator, etc. In 2004 Glen and Shawn Drover joined Megadeth and Eidolon was put on hold.
According to guitarist Glen Drover: “We worked with Tom Mathers at Perris Records for the very first Eidolon CD "Zero Hour" and had a great experience with him, so when the idea of possibly releasing this program became more serious, we decided that it would be cool to do an exclusive release with them! This recording shows the beginning of the band, and is a good indication of where we were going!”
Perris Records, 2003 (PER01282). Made in USA.

1. Hallowed Apparition 4:09 
2. Black Heart 3:39 
3. Lost Horizon 5:47 
4. Race With Time 5:44 
5. Forbidden Lair 7:38 
6. Shadows 4:28 
7. Silent Cries 3:22 
8. Tribal Fury 4:26 
9. Hellbound 7:28 
10. Nemesis 4:55 
11. Darkfall 5:09
Total playing time: 56:45


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