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SEVENSINS “Due Diaboli Et Apocalypse” /CD/

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The second full-length studio album by Kazakh Symphonic Black/Death Metal band.
Hailing from Kazakhstan, a country unknown for its Metal output, SevenSins, with their "Due Diaboli Et Apocalypse", bring about 50 minutes of utterly epic sonic devastation.
The band truly excel is in their use of orchestration. The symphonic elements to their music create atmosphere, but do not overpower the brutality. Taken as a whole, "Due Diaboli Et Apocalypse" is a fast, utterly savage lesson in Black Metal. The orchestration and operatic, female vocals stand as an excellent contrast to the blast beats, down-tuned riffing and venomous vocals found throughout the majority of "Due Diaboli Et Apocalypse".
If you are looking for a traditional Black Metal album that is cold, raw and has the production value of a 1920s film, then you need to give this a miss. If you are looking for a traditional Death Metal album, built on utter brutality, again, give this a miss. "Due Diaboli Et Apocalypse" is a little too Blackened to be Death Metal, and a little too full-bodied to be Black Metal. The production quality is surprisingly strong! Right across the record, the listener is treated to a sound somewhat akin to the bastard love-child of Fleshgod Apocalypse and Dimmu Borgir would sound like.
"Due Diaboli Et Apocalypse" is one of 2016’s most enjoyable and well-executed albums, heavy, gloriously melodic experience that won’t disappoint any Death or Black Metal fan and will leave you feeling like you’ve just taken an exhilarating ride through the dark and icy forests of Kazakhstan.
Murdher Records/Satanath Records, 2016 (SAT157 / MURDHER 014). First press.

1. Эпоха мёртвых / Tempus Mortuorum 02:21
2. Каббала / Kabbalah 03:33
3. Алхимик / Alchemist 04:25
4. Крестовые походы / Peregrinus 03:14
5. Чёрная смерть / Mors Atra 04:39
6. Пришестиве Дьявола / Due Diaboli 04:44
7. Серафимы / Seraphim 03:47
8. Авиценна / Avicenna 04:22
9. Презумпция вины / Praesumptio Reatum 05:25
10. Вечности не будет / Infinitas Non 05:37
11. Teofelspakt 05:10
Total playing time: 47:19 min.


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