SAINT “Desperate Night” /Digipack CD/

The tenth full-length album by the American Christian Heavy Metal band.
The Saint's history is stretched for almost 30 years now, under the sad wings of destiny, many twists and turns, many high and lows, many musicians coming in and out, a lot of changes business-wise with records-companies-musical-chairs-letdowns, deceivers and heroes. And two things remain constant and obvious: their commitment to God and their dedication for true British steel in its purest, pristine and hammered form. Their devotion for gospel is unswerving and unshakeable, so their music is also immutable like a heavy duty for the crusader crossing the desert plains on his way to sacred ground.
"Desperate Night" features some of the band's heaviest material ever. Essential pieces such as “Judgement” (raw Power in its purest form), “The Key” (as assertive a bruiser as you will find) and “In The Fray” (with its seething mentality) dominate with their brash guitar walls and hooks to spare. Maintaining the aggressive but engaging qualities is the un-abating energy to “Inside Out” and near Speed Metal romp of “Escape From The Fire”.
At this point it must be noted the solid production, which puts corpulent guitars at the centerpiece of the mix while also reinforcing cleanly defined leads and a forthright low end.
On the more melodic side of things are “Crucified” and “Let It Rock”, choice examples of up-tempo Metal in which catchy hooks prevail. “Desperate Night” and “End Of The World” maintain the melodic sensibilities but with the more dramatic and sublime aura, while “To Live Forever” is classic eighties Metal all the way.
Please note that “To Live Forever” was slated as the title track to Saint’s fourth album to be recorded in follow up to "Too Late For Living". That obviously fell through, at which point the song was resurrected for the band's 1999 mini-album "The Perfect Life".
The historic screamer Josh Kramer is featured on 11 songs, maybe for the last time as the band also introduced Mr. Bryan Phyll Miller as their new lead singer in the track "Desperate Night", but who knows? As God works in mysterious ways.
Don’t waste your time searching for the latest hyped sound, these are reckless pilgrims under the supreme Power flag and defenders of the faith in Heavy Metal, each track is a hymn in the honors of both! "Desperate Night" adds up to another very good album from Saint. Classic Metal fans rejoice!!
Armor Records, 2012. Made in USA. First press.

1. The Crucible 1:14
2. Crucified 3:18
3. The Key 3:35
4. End Of The World 4:13
5. Let It Rock 3:02
6. In The Fray 3:23
7. Inside Out 4:19
8. Desperate Night 4:24
9. Zombie Shuffle 2:41
10. Judgement 4:23
11. To Live Forever 4:41
12. Escape From The Fire 3:19
13. The Crucible Reprise 0:29
Total playing time: 43:01


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