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DIAMOND DRIVE "Temporality" /CD/

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Debut full-length album by the Dannish Melodic Metal/Metalcore band.
The first longplay of this aggressive and melodic band was created in summer 2012 in collaboration with some of the best person in the music industry: produced by Jacob Bredahl (The Burning, The Kandidate, Koldborn, etc.); mastered by Tue Madsen ( The Haunted, Sick of It All, Mnemic, etc.); cover artwork by Mircea Eftemie (Soilwork, Strapping Young Lad, Nevermore, Threat Signal, etc); photos by Stefan Wessel and Morten Rygaard (Rammstein, Chris Cornell, Timberland, etc)!
"Temporality" is a grittier, more aggressive album than those before it. There is an equal blend of energy and grit that is then enhanced with melody. Melody and aggression is something DIAMOND DRIVE has been making work for them for quite some time.
The band has released three EPs since 2006, and because of their unique approach to music, they have been hard to label by critics. All EPs were received with high regards from fans and critics alike. Throughout the journey of this band, they have experienced great setbacks as well as triumphs, such as when their original lead singer was replaced. The new material was more Rock meets Metal in an astounding way. Once again the band was received with remarkable marks!
Their drummer later exited the band, was replaced and so began their trek of making their very first full length album, so named "Temporality".
Their journey included playing with more known bands including, but not limited to Arch Enemy and Suffocation.
Recording, which started in 2012 with the help of Jacob Bredahl and Tue Madsen, who have in their own careers working with bands such as The Haunted and Mnemic and more. 
If you have never heard a Diamond Drive song, you don’t know what you are missing! Definitely pick up "Temporality" and give it a listen!!
Noisehead Records, 2013 (NHR1713). Made in Austria. First press.

1. Nineteen Eighty-Fear
2. Hopeful Cynic
3. Soaking Wet Sun
4. Deceiving
5. Five Stages
6. The Process
7. Clarity
8. Down the Drain
9. Age of Reason
10. Human
11. Shadow of a Ghost
12. Breached

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