NJIQAHDDA "Nji. Njiijn. Njiiijn." /Digipack CD/

Fifth full-length album by American Atmospheric Black Metal/Psychedelic Rock/Ambient band.
A bizarre and captivating entity, Illinois enigma Njiqahdda specializes in Progressive, eclectic Black Metal, which incorporates elements of Psychedeli, Folk, Ambient, Doom and Shoegaze music - all take part in this ambitious and mind-altering piece of musical art from USA.
Pagan Flames Productions, 2008 (PFCD003)

1.Nortii Maatu 15:58
2.Aasklamatii Ligmett Aursag 18:05
3.Sigmaatiiolaa 17:27
4.Urmae Copistrum Xaaqa Qahdda 21:05

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