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GARTH ARUM “The Dawn Of A New Creation” /CD/

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The debut full-length album by Spanish Symphonic/Gothic Death/Black Meta one man band.
The Spanish one man project's debut full length opens with a piano heavy symphonic intro, "A New Creation", comes complete with female vocals, but it is the skillful piano work that immediately catches your ear, the piano continues well into the next track "Shadows of the Past", the song however picks up pace into a full blown Death Metal blast, slows down again and again forays into the realms of Death Metal with Symphonic Black undertones.
It is obvious from the get go that this album is a far cry from your standard one man band. Let's start from the fact that while most Metal albums use the guitar as the main attraction, while Garth Arum use both the guitar and the piano. Classical piano sound on the album is so dominant, rather than the standard synthesizer/keyboards that most Black/Gothic/Doom Metal acts use.
A fantastic composition with very interesting guitar effects, lead female vocals with the piano being dominant on the heavy chorus rather than the slower and more mellow verses making the sound very unusual and original, with electronic effects coming in towards the 3 minute mark. This is the album of a musician, an excellently executed piece of Metal mastery, impressive in its songwriting, the pace changes quickly, the longer compositions never overstay their welcome.
And most importantly, it's original and unusual enough to make anyone have a listen, foraying into several genres, including Symphonic, Black, Death and Doom; It's a fascinating piece of work and truly deserves a perfect score!!
Satanath Records, 2013 (SAT043). Made in Russia. First press.

1. A New Creation 02:01 
2. Shadows of the Past 06:40 
3. A Barrage of Hate 06:10 
4. The Path to Oblivion 06:52 
5. Labyrinth of Lies 05:43 
6. Rusty Hands 04:32 
7. Trip (Part 1) 04:57 
8. Lucid Dreams 08:39 
9. Like an Angel 04:50 
10. Yearned Freedom 04:31 
11. Trip (Part 2) 03:04
Total playing time: 57:59


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