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TOTAL DEATH “The Pound Of Flesh” /CD/

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Second full-length album by Italian Thrash/Death Metal band.
Italy along with its neighboring countries, has become the new breed of quality Thrash Metal bands, like Irreverence, Blindeath, Sofisticator, etc. “The Pound Of Flesh” is a very 2015 style album, but is good enough to please even the Old School Thrash Metal conservatives.
Like many other modern Thrash Metal bands, Total Death depends heavily on the dream beats to sync the loudness with the guitars, which works really well, and great credit has to go to the man behind the drum kit - Alessandra Mossi. The band uses tempo building beautifully. The complex technical riffs demand more attention from the listener as many riffs are hard to comprehend and air-guitar to, and stretch the boundaries of Technical Thrash Metal, something not often off late. The picking and shredding is top notch and impeccable.
The music in this album tells that the band has been heavily influenced by Technical Death Metal and has tried to implement it here and has tried to make it sound like Thrash Metal, which they have nearly succeeded. The bass is excellently used and works great with the guitars. The dirty thick vocals of Paolo Azzimonti (who is also one of the two guitarists) is great on the ears.
The ability to bring both mid temp and high tempo together and shower it with plethora of crazy technical Thrash riffs make “The Pound Of Flesh” stand out among the crowd. While the album isn’t anything close to a classic, but this style of Thrash Metal becoming a trend, and this is actually good, for connoisseurs of riff based Thrash! This band can easily be the future face of Thrash Metal!!
Punishment 18 Records, 2015 (P18R 087). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Intro 
2. Downers 
3. Vhemt 
4. Morphine 
5. Haunted 
6. Four Walls - The Perfection Of Black 
7. Synthesis Of Human Failure 
8. Hybris 
9. Forced Path 
10. No Last Bullet 
11. The Pound Of Flesh
Total playing time: 45:20 

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