The second full-length album by American Black Metal band.
The Philadelphia-based band presents new seven tracks of Ambient Black Metal, with music and artwork based upon the Finnish national epic "The Kalevala" (a poetic book with a collection of myths and legends that occupies a prominent place in the Finnish Identity), with most songs adapted directly from the text. It is epic, melodic, aggressive and personal at once!
Indeed, what’s great about "The Child Must Die" is the way in which Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus manage to craft something that sounds distinctive and original while working within the established parameters of the Black Metal paradigm. The guitar and keyboard melodies that weave through the album are at once familiar and fresh, chilling you to the bone and worming their way into your skull throughout this all-too-brief thirty-three minute journey. It’s no secret that this style of keyboard-laden Black Metal has been done to Death, but what places NB head and shoulders above the hordes is the obvious passion that guitarist/bassist/mastermind Mika Mage still has for the genre in its purest form, and it is this passion that allows him to breath new life into it on "The Child Must Die" through unwavering dedication and a will to continuously improve and evolve his sound.
This is another great sounding recording from Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus. If you dig Atmospheric Black Metal that’s melodic and aggressive, and sprinkled with moments of sheer magnificence, then check out this new one!
Infernal Kommando Records, 2015 (INFKOMCD12). Made in France. First press.

1. Wondrous Sampo 06:39
2. The Child Must Die 02:58
3. Let Them Perish 05:35
4. Feast of the North Farm 05:43
5. Amidst the Waves 03:12
6. Väinämöinen 06:43
7. The Night She Died 01:53
Total playing time: 32:43


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