CRIMSON FALLS "The True Face Of Human Nature" /CD/

 Debut full-length album by the Belgian Melodic Death/Metalcore band.
A perfect blend of all types of modern Death Metal as intense, as passionate and as crushing as humanly possible. A punishing onslaught of seething aggression and cutting precision, Crimson Falls combines the fury of Metalcore with the catchiness of Melodic Death Metal with the inhuman brutality of old-school American Death Metal to create a sound of remarkable intensity.
 Features an appearance from Aborted's Svencho!
Shiver Records, 2006 (SHR107). Light shabby on the disc surface.

1. Abort Every Weakness 02:13
2. Erase All Fear 04:02
3. Architecture Disavowed 04:37
4. Controle Alt Delete 03:34
5. Prelude to the Cataclysm 00:42
6. Four Slaves, Four Struggels 05:21
7. Martyr vs. Terrorist 03:03
8. Poetry for the Scum 04:47
9. In Flanders Fields 01:57
10. We Are the Dead 04:06
11. Book of Memories 04:22
12. The True Face of Human Nature 06:19
Total playing time: 45:03 

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