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  • PRO-PAIN “Best Of PRO-PAIN” /CD/

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    Band: PRO-PAIN
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The 15-song CD draws on Pro-Pain's first three albums: 1992's “Foul Taste of Freedom”, 1994's “The Truth Hurts” and 1996's “Contents Under Pressure”, all of which went for an unapologetically brutal style of heavy metal/thrash/alternative rock. The recognizable New York band chose to call its musical assault "HARDCORE" rather than Metal, but while gems like "Switchblade Knife" "The Truth Hurts" and "Denial" (which features rap innovator Ice-T) are greatly influenced by punk, Pro-Pain is very much a metal band.
Produced by Alex Perialas (Testament, Overkill, S.O.D., M.O.D., Nuclear Assault, Holy Moses, Blessed Death, Wratchild America).
This is one CD that will never be mistaken for easy listening. Re-edition includes two bonus-tracks!
Candlelight USA/Raw Head, Inc., 2005 (CDL0245CD)

1.Take It Back (The Lost Track) 02:39
2.Foul Taste Of Freedom 03:42
3.Death On The Dancefloor 02:43
4.Murder101 02:57
5.Pound For Pound 03:40
6.Johnny Black 03:13
7.Make War Not Love 04:54
8.The Truth Hurts 04:09
9.Switchblade Knife 03:21
10.Put The Lights Out 04:22
11.Denial 03:20
12.Crush 03:11
13.Shine 03:55
14.State Of Mind 04:15
15.Take It Personal (Demo Version) 03:52
Total playing time: 54:13

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