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LLVME "Fogeira De Suenos" /CD/

  • LLVME "Fogeira De Suenos" /CD/

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    Band: LLVME
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Debut full-length album by Pagan Folk Doom Metal band from Spain.
They music is based on a Doom Metal style whose influences are taken from My Dying Bride and Shape of Despair. Also Llvme has a Black Metal touch that remembers us to the first albums of Negura Bunget and a folk influence thanks to the use of violins and bagpipes that evoke Celtic and Pagan passages.
It’s like mixing My Dying Bride with Folkearth and fans of Paganic Dooom and Black Metal should get something out of!
My Kingdom Music, 2010 (echo063)

1.Llvme 01:23
2.Llumeiru de Fueu 06:50
3.L'Allumamientu del Fueu I 06:58
4.L'Allumamientu del Fueu II 01:21
5.L'Allumamientu del Fueu III 06:22
6.Vaqueirada 04:11
7.Orbayu de Llume 06:59
8.Llume d'Augua 05:47
Total playing time: 39:51

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