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HEADQUAKES “Fallout Diaries” /CD/

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The second full-length album by Italian Heavy/Power Metal band.
A decent enough Heavy/Power Metal act with the various style. Boasting a more straightforward approach and slightly edged vocals that show no inherent weakness in either the low or high register, "Fallout Diaries" eventually won over with its differentiated composition and a number of catchy mid-tempo tracks.
The "Fallout Diaries" is a concept album based on the assumption that World War III has broken out, with atomic weapons erupting across the face of the earth. Even though most of the band’s songs seem to stagnate a bit during verses, they are inevitably elevated by their varied refrains, most of which are bolstered by solid riffing and here and there a shriek by vocalist Giovanni Vernier.
If you’re looking for a refreshing romp of something that’s neither too heavy nor too light, and have had it with faster music, pick this up!
Crash & Burn Records, 2011 (C&B014). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Vacuum 02:11
2. Come With Me....If Yo Wanna Live 03:51
3. Fallout 03:45
4. Just Eyes 04:02
5. Pray Anymore 05:16
6. Prophet of the Century 06:50
7. Left Undone 04:16
8. Letters from the Sector Alpha 05:54
9. Gemini Scream 06:01
Total playing time: 42:06

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