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KAMARA “Tämäkin Vielä” /MCD/

  • KAMARA “Tämäkin Vielä” /MCD/

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    Band: KAMARA
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Debut release of Finnish Thrash/Groove Metal band.
Kamara´s roots heading all the way back to year of 2000, when Juha Minkkinen (guitar, vocals) and Tuomas Janhunen (guitar) founded a band called Lumessakahlaajat. There where whole bunch of starting musicians involved, but eventually Kamara´s line-up came clear after couple of years. In time, when band was called Lumessakahlaajat, they played only coversongs from bands like Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus and Kotiteollisuus. After few gigs band decided to start to make music of their own. “Tämäkin Vielä” it’s a first EP by the band, and it’s translates to "This And All". Kamara's music is full of energy, despite they don't play typical Metal. Thrashy guitars are joining Hardcore elements, Punk tunes and Rock and Roll feeling. All these elements are boiling in Kamara's melting pot and the result is fresh, catchy music bursting out with full of energy. Every song here is a hit. Heavy guitars are mixing with catchy tunes and effect means great. The opening track "Hohto" is a killer with a super melodic chorus and third song here - the title track - attacks with Thrashy guitars and shouting vocals. Last, there are Finnish lyrics and it's great.
Band presents interesting kind of Grooving Thrash Metal and highly recommended for all fans of genre!!
Firebox Records, 2004 (FIRECD013). Made in Finland. First press.

1. Hohto     04:08 
2. Kuolon Kehä     03:36
3. Tämäkin Vielä     03:47
4. Härkää Sarvista     04:15
5. Hopea     03:54
Total playing time: 19:40


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