STRYNN “Decadence” /Digisleeve CD/

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Debut full-length album by French Black Metal band.
Strynn’s Black Metal is cold and without concessions. It evokes pain, despair, hatred. The alternation of a curt and hoarse male voice and a deep and sharp female voice emphasize on the duality between distress and violence. The atmosphere which breaks out is therefore dark, sometimes aggressive, with no frills.
Midtempo drums and darkly melodic textures are draped across the framework of the album's opener, "Awakening". A steady, repetitive diet of hypnotic riffs populate the song's center but the drumbeat becomes a bit tiresome. "Burial" employs a similar beat, though sped up slightly to match the faster, more insistent riffs and deathly shrieks. It's reminds a bit of Kampfar and then the song erupts into intense gusts of freezing Black Metal. "Uncreation" however makes a more sinister impact in your ears as the riffs are creative and strike a delicate balance between atmospheric passages and memorably diabolical movements. "Emptiness" streams out like a fiery meteorite, exploding with vengeance during its initial section. It then settles into midtempo melodies and grim vocals that recall shades of early Samael. Frosty strumming on the guitar and frigid melodic riffing set the stage for a stormier, brooding song with Burnt. The speedy melodies return and then are folded into some midtempo riffs that bring to mind synthless Gehenna from their "First Spell" era. As the album continues forward, the songs begin to blend into one another.
"Decadence" sees Strynn feeling themselves out but not really setting themselves apart from the scene. Solid album that will leave you with a lasting impression!
Mortis Humanae Productions/Le Crépuscule du Soir Productions, 2013 (MHP031 / LCDS 132/31). Made in France. First press.

1. Awakening 3:47 
2. Burial 4:35 
3. Uncreation 3:06 
4. Emptiness 4:45 
5. Datura 3:44 
6. Despair 4:04 
7. Burnt 4:38 
8. Arsonist 3:43 
9. Degeneracy 4:13 
10. Anguish 4:01 
11. Decline 3:00
Total playing time: 43:36

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