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ORTEGA “1634” /Digipack CD/

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  • ORTEGA “1634” /Digipack CD/
  • ORTEGA “1634” /Digipack CD/
  • ORTEGA “1634” /Digipack CD/

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    Band: ORTEGA
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Re-release of the debut full-length album by the Dutch Doom/Sludge Metal band.
Ortega is a four-piece Sludge/Doom band from the north of The Netherlands. Four men telling a tale of the sea, musically depicted in a broad and visual manner. Ortega's sound is best described as Doom Metal balanced with spherical soundscapes, brought together with slow and heavy riffs.
Everything flows smoothly, and sounds great. It's a mix of a variety of styles, but one they've managed to master and make their own.
It’s rare to find a truly immersive experience in music that strikes a balance between credible musical longevity and pure entertainment. "1634" – it's a Post Doom, with mildly Gothic influences and maybe some Sludgy Rock elements. The end product is a hypnotic opus with using of other musical instruments like the drifting violins and plenty of repetition feeds into the feeling of undulating waves and the endless sea. 
"1634" was originally released by band in 2010 as a concept-album, packaged in a handmade cover CD limited to 100 copies. The album is now released for the first time on CD limited to 1000 copies in a spot-varnished digipack.
Either way "1634" is all too good to miss, superb, and strongly recommend! Suggest a double dose of brandy, rum or whatever else takes your fancy, settle yourself in a quiet room with the lights turned down low and prepare for the voyage!!
Aesthetic Death Records, 2010/2012 (ADCD 024). Made in UK. Pressed in Austria. First press.

1. Still     2:45 
2. Into The Waves     7:36 
3. Shipwrecked     6:22 
4. The Siren     7:09 
5. Octagon     6:03 
6. Chaser     5:39 
7. The Oracle     7:59
Total playing time: 43:33


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