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THERION “Deggial” /CD/

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The eighth full-length album by the legendary Swedish Symphonic Metal band.
As with many of Therion's other albums, "Deggial" features a choir and orchestra. Unlike their earlier release "Vovin", which seemed to focus more on vocals, "Deggial"'s style leans towards Hard Rock and sounds overall like "Vovin" with more atmosphere.
The first track "Seven Secrets Of The Sphinx" starts almost where "Vovin" ended. First 'slap' in the face - heavy riff combined with "accelerating" guitar melodies and just after.....those "typical" Therion's chorus falling from Olympia (women & men chorus voices following each other) Wow!!!
A start "à la" Maiden for the second song (on first track you could also hear Maiden typical melody style). The chorus (women & men) are back again and this time you have this feeling too hear Mozart's requiem symphony. Violins are great and the mixture with the "unplugged" guitar and this 70's drums sound leaves speechless...
Suddenly an accelerating riff announces the "entry" of "flute, trumpet, cello, contrabass". In two words, the orchestra arrives and confirming it has not been invited just to be mentioned on the booklet. The third song start with this feeling that first two songs have been mixed up; fantastic "simple riff" and again this women chorus starts to hit your brain. This unbelievable melody comes from heaven and seems to be totally timeless.
Fourth track till the eighth one confirms the first impression: A "comet" in the Metal universe.
It is not over. Song 9 starts with a "Running Wild's riff", unbelievable! The "Flesh Of The Gods", the title track, will hits you! Hansi (Blind Guardian / Demons & Wizards) starts to sing and illuminate even more this already wonderful album with his magical voice!
But, it is still not over! Song 10th start like a "typical requiem song" and Christopher Johnsson decide to mix the women chorus with a bombastic "double bass" riff coming straight from Iced Earth! Masterpiece!!
After a good Judas Priest or Immortal album, sometimes you want to rest in peace in your bed. Sometimes you would like to seduce a girl (or a boy) and listen to something more "quiet", but it has to be a Metal Band! Don't search anymore, Therion's "Deggial" has been recorded for this type of situation!!
Nuclear Blast GmbH, 2000 (NB 442-2). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Seven Secrets Of The Sphinx 3:35
2. Eternal Return 7:10
3. Enter Vril-Ya 6:38
4. Ship Of Luna 6:28
5. The Invincible 5:09
6. Deggial 5:03
7. Emerald Crown 5:29
8. The Flight Of The Lord Of Flies 1:22
9. Flesh Of The Gods 4:06
10. Via Nocturna (Part I And II) 9:33
11. O Fortuna 3:22
Total playing time: 57:55


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