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Gabriele Pala’s GOLDENSEED “The War Is In My Mind” /CD/

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The third full-length album by Fusion/Neo-classical/Progressive Death Metal project of Italian guitarist Gabriele Pala.
A fully instrumental album, apart from the vocals on the bonus track. There are lots of different bits, from lots of different genres.
Gabriele Pala is obviously a very talented musician, especially on the guitar. Taking inspiration from the classic Death Metal bands of the early 90s like Atheist, Cynic, Death and Pestilence, Gabriele Pala began Goldenseed project to experiment with everything not feasible by a band made of humans, in terms of forcefully exaggerated arrangements, speed and complexity. Thanks to the increasing popularity of social networks, Gabriele could get in touch with a lot of musicians around the world and collaborate with them. He appears as guest for some lead work in the debut album of the American band Gone In April, thanks to Chicco Parisi Lalonde (ex- Sadist).
2011 was a really productive year. The time has come to give life to a new Goldenseed episode, a more guitar-centric work entitled “The War Is In My Mind”. Album makes kaleidoscope of styles: Fusion, Progressive, Metal and much more that the guitarist Gabriele Pala mixes in an job accessible despite the melodic and structural complexity.
The last song in album featured guest appearance on vocals by Stian "Culto" Johansen (ex- Mayhem, Con Anima, Shadow Dancers, etc.)!
If you like completely instrumental albums, then you should give this a look!
SG Records, 2012 (SGCD050). Made in Italy. First press.

1. The R38 Class
2. Kosmos 233
3. A Million Random Digits
4. Aragonite Sea
5. Blindness
6. An Homage To Frank
7. The Enhancer Trap
8. XTP3
9. G1S Transition
10. The Cathedral Of Incarnation
Bonus Track:
11. (Dead) On The Road
Total playing time: 52:21


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