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Second full-length album by Electro Gothic / Dark Industrial band from Estonia.
One the most exciting albums in years and it is definitely something you haven't heard before. Psychedelic, trippy, schizophrenic, disturbing and utterly mesmerizing… wild mixture of dark, illuminating, progressive and heavy music styles. This is a violation against some universal laws of music.
My Kingdom Music, 2007 (echo017)

1.I 03:28
2.Ropelove 05:00
3.Lo-Fi PPL In The Fade-Out World 05:11
4.Nextep Suicide 04:41
5.Dead Le Gends A Mong The Living 04:55
6.Prophylactic EUthanAsia 05:38
7.Christ Your Name 06:37
8.Manyone 04:47
9.Very De:p Shortgut 05:07
10.Hero-In-Gre:npiece 05:02
11.The Ownle: Noise 05:47
12.O 15:28
Total playing time: 01:11:41

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