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EVOKE THY LORDS “Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms In Your Cellar!” /CD/

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The third full-length album by Russian Psychedelic Stoner/Doom Metal band.
Once again, the musicians bring to the audience their distinctive Doom Metal, whose features were established on their previous album, “Drunken Tales”. The Siberian Cosmonauts are doling more of that Stoner Rock meets Doom vibe. The band plays some great Stoner jams. The drummer feels like he's just loose, chilling and flowing free behind the kit while the bass and guitar work together to bounce between Crunchy jams and Doomy power chord mashing. The flute shows up to float along and bounce over the jammy bits to provide some buzzchill. Everything is based on a slow rhythm and dark atmosphere, pretty sad mood. The highlights of the album are female vocals and flute parts, which add so much beauty and harmony to the creations and sound. In general, this isn’t your typical Stoner or even Doom Metal album – this is so much more, no matter if you see it as experimental, or just not an ordinary one. The tracks also have male growling vocals and more traditional Stoner riffs, but the entire album is full of those flute sounds and additional female vocals, and that’s harmony already.
The components of success of Evoke Thy Lords remain the same: groovy guitars and hypnotic flute delivered in a Psychedelic way. However, now the music contains even more Space, Trance and, of course, more Mushrooms! The band managed to successfully mix traditional features of the genre and something that could be alien here. However, everything fits really well. Some more original and interesting creativity could be welcome, but the band showed its high value with success. A beautiful and solid album, indeed – try it, as it’s not exactly what you could expect from the title of it…
Solitude Productions, 2015 (SP. 099-15). Made in Russia. First press.

1. Damn These Deserts 7:11
2. Betrayer / Lier 8:21
3. World Without Me 6:52
4. I Want To Sleep 7:43
5. Sky Is Falling 5:17
6. Human Thoughts As A Weapon 5:34
7. Time Is A Murderer 4:15
Total playing time: 45:13


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