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EVOKE THY LORDS “Escape To The Dreamlands” /Digipack CD/

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The debut full-length album by Russian Gothic/Doom Metal band.
A gloomy dusk seems to hover over their songs. The melancholic atmosphere is quite superb, to be honest... The vocals can only be described as subtle growls, and this adds so much power to the melancholic atmosphere. With the dense, heavy riffing and drumming, to have the vocals only breach the surface of coherency makes for a killer musical experience. And with the addition of the clean female voice (also quite subtle) the atmosphere shifts towards eerie; as if walking across a field covered in fog, to be enticed by the beautiful voice of a huldra. It’s very intriguing. And the Doom is laced with some Folk music hints as a flute adds tons of catchy melody. All while a keyboard enhances the melancholy as it works its way through the background.
It’s all so subtle in a remarkably interesting way. Even the Doom, which is the base of the music, feels subtle. They change pace fairly often and the tempo can quite frankly overstep the boundaries of what would normally be considered Doom Metal, but the atmosphere never lets go of the firm hold it has on the genre. Mesmerizing melancholy in a way you haven’t heard it be presented before!!
Stygian Crypt Productions/Backfire Productions, 2008 (SCP 044 / BP 006). Made in Russia. First press.

1. ~~~ 01:18
2. Towards Yuggoth 06:29
3. Coming from Beyond 04:03
4. ~~~ 00:26
5. The Awakening of the Sleeping One 04:51
6. ~~~ 00:53
7. Daemonolatry 02:39
8. The Prophecy: Rising Chaos 04:28
9. Seared by Eerie Might 05:43
10. ~~~ 00:25
11. The Dreamlands 05:30
Total playing time: 36:46 min.


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