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DRACO HYPNALIS “Weavers Of Unrest” /CD/

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Debut full-length album by the cult Czech Neoclassical/Progressive Death Metal band.
This Symphonic Techno Death Metal trio deliver us nine opuses of high quality professional music. Their songs combine so many riffs, harmony changes, insane breaks and emotional arrangements as well as classical influences that during the almost 36 minutes long masterpiece you'll think that you have a deal with an orchestra instead of a 3-piece band. Their playful use of keyboards are honestly one of the best things about the album. Every single note sounds so fascinating and outstanding! They aren't simply people who just rightly know how to handle their instruments; they are real composers, because the riffs and melody-chains they compose are about to cry and express deep feelings over and over again! The vocal parts are as suggestive as the instrumental side of the band; they tend from blackish screams, deep growls up to crystal clear vocals. The boundless variety makes their music so unique and gives the key for their future researches. Recommended for fans of: Pestilence, early Dark Tranquillity, Cynic, Atheist and last but not least a bunch of classical compositors! All is left to say, buy or die!!
Élysion Music, 2005 (EM 012-0507 CD). Made in Czech. First press.

1. Cairn Cleansing June-Keys 
2. Disharmonic Points... In Opening 
3. Fortified Source Of Invisible Light 
4. Tombstones For Shapeless Kindred 
5. Departed For The Cloud - Vaulted Portal 
6. Portal For The Nocturnal Weavers Of Unrest
7. Green Cathedrals Painted By Silent Wings
8. There We Stand Bonded
9. Coda


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