Third full-length album by Canadian Technical Death Metal/Metalcore band.
This band should much bigger than it is right now… this is hyper technical, super extreme Dark Melodic Modern Death Metal at its best, with some truly gloomy moments!
Imagine The Faceless in a head on collision with The Black Dahlia Murder and… Katatonia??? Wicked!!
CD includes 12 pages AMAZING (!!!) booklet.
This band is f*****g impressive!!!
PRC Music, 2011 (PRC05). Made in Canada.

1. The Sycophant     04:24 
2. Refractory     03:14 
3. Gold Us     04:39 
4. Priapism     04:03 
5. The Satyr     04:21 
6. Morning Qualm     03:33 
7. Effluvium of Virulence     04:10 
8. The Miscreant     03:10 
9. Beloved Excreta     03:35 
10. Opulence     04:47
Total playing time: 39:56

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