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EVEMASTER "MMIV Lacrimae Mundi" /CD/

  • EVEMASTER "MMIV Lacrimae Mundi" /CD/

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Re-recorded edition of the debut full-length album by Finnish Melodic Dark Metal band.
Good piece of Melodic Blackened Death Metal with keyboards and a strong Swedish influence. Still, there's quite a few doomy melodies in several songs, and the anguished black vocals contribute for such an atmosphere as well; plus, the last track, "Equinox Nocturne", is indeed black/doom (even though it also includes some clean vocals).
 Album includes prominent guests and session members, such as drummer Jaska Raatikainen (Children of Bodom), Mika Lindberg (Cradle of Filth), A. Kippo (famous producer) and others.
 CD comes with absolutely Made new cover and artwork + includes cover song “We Rock” of DIO.
Rising Realm Records/Crush Music, 2005 (CMU 61146). in USA.

1.Pandemonium 04:59
2.Whispers 05:55
3.Embraced 04:13
4.Archways 06:35
5.Lacrimae Mundi 06:23
6.Epistelium (The Storm Rises) 05:22
7.Equinox Nocturne 11:25
8.We Rock (DIO Cover) 04:43
Total playing time: 49:35

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