First EP by Finnish Thrash Metal band.
National Napalm Syndicate (or just N.N.S., as they were also known) was one of the first Finnish Speed/Thrash Metal bands to emerge in the first wave of this particular genre, back in 1986, along with A.R.G., Stone, Airdash, Warmath, Protected Illusion, Oppression, Terrific Verdict and a few others. With different line-ups, they have recorded three full-length studio albums, two split-releases as well as six demos!
Lex Talionis is a 5-track EP from these northernmost napalm syndicates and it introduces a new line-up and a couple of new cuts, plus a couple of cover songs and even an old song taken from the band's 1988 demo. Three of the original members remain: Aku Raaska on vocals, Jukka Kyrö on guitar and Pasi Pauanne on drums (who quit after the band's 1989 debut).
The boys in N.N.S. still know how to Thrash! The older they get, the angrier they become, it seems. "The Church of the Rat" is basically a straightforward, in-your-face Thrash Metal song, going for your throat like a vicious hungry beast after fresh meat. "Planet Satan" is clearly the better of the two new songs. It is more advanced and complex - and heavy as f**k. As for the covers, both bands Vivisektio and KTMK were popular Hardcore-Punk bands, back in the 80s, which came from the Northern part of Finland just like N.N.S. "My Pudasjärvi" (Pudasjärvi is the town where N.N.S. is from) is obviously Nuclear Assault's "My America" but just with a modified title. It's been recorded on a 4-track and it sounds like it.
Semi-legendary Finnish Thrashers N.N.S. are back and time will tell if the wait will be worth it. This EP has relatively optimistic!
Violent Journey Records, 2014 (SPR022). Made in Finland. First press.

1. The Church of the Rat 02:53 
2. Planet Satan 05:43 
3. Oulu Palaa (Vivisektio Cover) 01:20 
4. Jeesus Oli Venäläinen Kantoraketti (KTMK Cover) 02:00 
5. My Pudasjärvi (Nuclear Assault Cover) (Demo 1988) 00:30
Total playing time: 12:28

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