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CRAWLER “Knight Of The Word” /CD/

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    Band: CRAWLER
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The debut full-length album by Italian Heavy Metal band.
After the successful EP "Burst", Crawler comes back with a excellent full-length album", inspired by the novel by Terry Brooks "A Knight Of The Word".
Crawler is basically an Italian successor to the throne of Iron Maiden. Not only the style is simply the same, Claudio Cesari even has that Dickinson's distinctive scream. Now, if you like Maiden, there's no way you will deny that Crawler makes a decent music here based on Maiden's template!
The opening track, "Crawler", is a good one example. The next one, "Speed", started to pick up the momentum. The solos are bright and brilliant and the whole fast-paced song is tremendous. On "Danger! (On Elm Street)", you can hear "Fear Of The Dark" vibe on the slow start before they outbreak with lightning-fast tempo. "Burst" and "Angels In Paradise" are safe and average, but "Cagliostoro" is another example of Maiden-colored track that was done perfectly well.
If only Crawler has the courage to try their own ingredients, "Knight of The Word" could be a better album. Even though the title track and "Masters of The Night" are absolutely great tracks, the teacher's influence is too obvious. Anyway no one bad tracks inside.
Good album, where the band shows that talents are there, and time is going to prove whether they can level up or decline.
Do you love Iron Maiden?! This CD is just for you!!!
SG Records, 2011 (SGCD043). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Crawler 4:52
2. Speed 4:10
3. Danger! (On Elm Street) 7:05
4. Burst 5:29
5. Angels In Paradise 4:50
6. Cagliostro 4:33
7. Masters Of The Night 3:57
8. Sick Song 3:48
9. Undeads 3:58
10. The King Will Come 8:37
11. Knight Of The Word 5:18
Total playing time: 56:37

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