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Re-release on CD of the second full-length album by the German Progressive Hard Rock band.
Band came into being in 1967 in Bochun. The first LP of Faithful Breath, "Fading Beauty" from 1974, has meanwhile become a classic of Symphonic Rock and can definitely be recommended. In 1977/1978 they recorded their second album "Back On My Hill" - again including the mellotron - which was released, however, on legal grounds, only in 1980, on the Sky label.
The long track on the flip side has been played in keeping with the first LP's style. The first side consists of four shorter tracks already with some Hard Rock sounds - some few years later Faithful Breath should develop into a real Hard Rock and Metal band.
A real classic gem for all Hard Rock and Progressive lovers!!
Re-release includes bonus track "Die Mörderbiene".
Sky/Garden Of Delights, 1980/2007 (CD 134). Made in Germany. Bootleg.

1. Back On My Hill 5:38
2. Keep Me Away 3:51
3. This Is My Love Song 2:57
4. Stick In Your Eyes 4:41
5. Judgement Day 16:51
Bonus Track:
6. Die Mörderbiene 6:06
Total playing time: 40:04


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