LIV KRISTINE “Libertine” /CD/

The fourth solo studio album by legendary German Gothic/Pop Rock singer (also:; before:).
September 7, 2012 marks the release of Leave’s Eyes's front woman, Liv Kristine (ex- Theatre Of Tragedy), solo album “Libertine” through Napalm Records. For those of you unfamiliar with Kristine’s solo work, she has a back catalog of full lengths and singles dating back to 1998. Throughout the years, she has also fronted Theatre Of Tragedy, and most recently, Leave’s Eyes. Looking over her biography, Kristine has accomplished quite a lot in the music and television industry.
Kristine’s voice is lovely; having an almost mournful, yet angelic quality to it, and it is showcased quite well on “Libertine”. The sound production is excellent, the tracks are layered just right, and the album wraps itself up nice and tight. The songs are about longing for someone, being in love, falling out of love, finding someone new, and of course walking away a better person.
If you are a Liv Kristine fan, you will enjoy this album. But it you not... you'll love it too!!
Napalm Records Handles HmbH, 2012 (NPR 441 CD). Made in Austria. Pressed in Germany. First press.

1. Interlude 2:23
2. Solve Me 3:46
3. Silence 3:49
4. Vanilla Skin Delight 4:09
5. Panic 3:31
6. Paris Paris 3:40
7. Wait For Rain 3:32
8. Love Crime 2:24
9. Libertine 4:44
10. Meet Me In The Red Sky 5:11
11. The Man With The Child In His Eyes (Kate Bush cover) 2:30
Total playing time: 39:39 min.


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