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DRACO HYPNALIS “Balance Of Moments” /CD/

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The third full-length album by the cult Czech Neoclassical/Progressive Death Metal band.
The third masterpiece of this band was definitely worth 5 years waiting for!
Mira, Petr & Ivoš made a huge album again and two guest musicians were also in charge to help them, namely Martin Krc on drums from and Jitka Šuranská on violins. The magical combination of the orchestral arrangements and atmospheric effects take control and reign supreme during their 8 songs and 45 minutes playing time. The proportions between Classical and Metal music seem to materialize the most proper way in their repertory. Sometimes band reminds Dream Theater due to the nice variations between the guitars & keyboards. Featuring some bizarre time signatures on the riffs, cosmic melodies and wandering undertones and changeable vocals that swing from jester like japes to rough guttural growls, plus a flurry of violin here and there, nobody can accuse Draco Hypnalis of being bland or ordinary! This is a band who puts a lot of thought into their music and even finds the time to include some blast beating Black Metal influence into the folds of their diverse musical tapestry. The album also have a Neoclassical edge, combining superb beauty and grace with harder riffs and venomous growls. Indeed the whole album carries on in this myriad of sounds, experiences and twists! Sometimes heavy and forth right, more often than not winding, undulating and melodic. With the strange combination of melancholic, renaissance influenced keyboards mixed with Progressive Death Metal and futuristic, atmospheric synths, "Balance Of Moments" is a deep incursion into a twisted, melancholic, insane atmosphere that's impossible to leave no scars on your mind after the audition.
Different expressions transmitted by the keyboards and synths, classy guitar riffs, leads and solos, the intricate, powerful bass lines, twisted vocal parts and melodic violins... If you're not into Progressive Metal you can skip this one, but otherwise it's highly recommended fantastic piece of Metal schizophrenia! Get this professional Classic music influenced Death/Black album right away!! Thunderous effect guaranteed!!!
Zero Budget Productions, 2012. Made in Czech. First press.

1. We Are Only Dewdrops
2. Shostakovich
3. Beyond The Bent Seas
4. Étude Variable
5. Perceive The Shadow Spears
6. The Woe Of Passing
7. Star Chasing Coyote
8. Balance Of Moments


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