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CORPSEHAMMER “Metal De La Muerte” /CD/

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  • CORPSEHAMMER “Metal De La Muerte” /CD/
  • CORPSEHAMMER “Metal De La Muerte” /CD/

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The debut full-length studio album by Swedish/Chilean Death/Thrash/Black Metal band.
Based in Dalarna, Sweden, the band was formed in the winter of 2016. The concept behind this unholy union is to glorify and pay tribute to the old and evil days of the Metal scene, such as South American and Australian madness and old, filthy and bleak Death and Black Metal in general. A Death Metal alliance from Swedish and Chilean musicians displaying influences from both, South American and European filthy scenes.
During all nine songs, the focus is on the riffs is the guitar work sounds like directly taken from the early eighties. If you like this kind of riffing, this album is pure hearing pleasure!
Regarding the songwriting, the songs develop more slowly, not too fast, although the speed paces up every time without tipping over to sheer blast beat frenzy.
An odd thing are the vocals, some kind of deep shouting, not grunts nor high shrieks. Instead, at some moments the vocalist uses some kind of clean singing / shouting, which Darkthrone used a lot during their latest releases. Since we all know Fenriz and Nocturno Culto are nowadays more influenced by eighties Metal than anything else, the name Corpsehammer should appear on the wish list of every fan of albums like “Old Star” or “Arctic Thunder”!!
For fans of Hellhammer, old Celtic Frost, Sarcofago, Communion, and last Darkthrone!!!
Bestial Invasion Records, 2019 (BIR 036). Made in Sweden. Pressed in Poland. First press.

1. Nahash 03:31
2. Beso infame 03:22
3. Tormenta del infierno 03:25
4. La marca 03:32
5. Rito & magia 03:02
6. Revelaciones 03:21
7. La gula del Satan 03:23
8. Sacrilegio 02:51
9. Angelus Morbus 03:47
Total playing time: 30:19 min.


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