SHOUT “It Won't Be Long” /CD/

The debut full-length album by the American Christian Melodic Hard Rock/Glam Metal band.
It was formed in 1987 by Ken Tamplin. Musically the band was similar to Stryper or Kiss. Lyrically, their songs were generally more straightforward than other Christitan Metal bands.
"It Won't Be Long" was recorded by session musicians. These included Lanny Cordola (of Magdalen), Marty Friedman (of Megadeth), Michael Angelo (of Nitro), Joseph Galletta, Loren Robinson, Dennis Holt (of AD), and others.
The album was an instant hit, and the band played at Londons famed Marquee in August 1988. Following this release Tamplin hired Galletta and Robinson, who he had played with in Joshua, on a full time basis. These three members would form the long term core of the band. Chuck King (of Idle Cure) also became an integral part of the band. The band achieved early success in Europe and toured there in August 1988.
Shout play melodic Hair Metal/Hard Rock or AOR, whatever you prefer to call it. The sound is typical mid- to late 80's Hair Metal, complete with the sweetest of ballads, and tougher rockers. Shout do what they do well, and you'll be always enjoyed this disc!
Frontline Records, 1988 (CD9035). Printed in Canada. An exact bootlegged replica.

1. Never Stop 3:58
2. Winners Or Losers 3:42
3. It Won't Be Long 4:21
4. Find A Way 4:49
5. Dancin'n Round The World 3:13
6. Shout 4:19
7. Showdown 4:02
8. Timeless Love 4:36
9. Without You 3:42
Total playing time: 36:42

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