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CHRIS CAFFERY "Pins And Needles" /Digipack CD/

  • CHRIS CAFFERY "Pins And Needles" /Digipack CD/

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Second full-length album by American Progressive Power Metal solo-project of Chris Caffery, guitarist of Savatage.
Album contains 13 tracks, which means approximately 52 minutes of melodic Heavy Metal. Basically, melodic Heavy Metal cannot exactly describe this album. Caffery combines many Metal genres, which of course are close to each other. This album continues exactly from where his first two albums were. The heaviness remains but this time, Caffery's vocals are more powerful and definitely more mature. This time the music is much more diverse. Heavy Metal is the law as always, but the music is now enriched with some Power Metal elements as well as some more aggressive Thrash Metal stuff. All those filtered through the 21st century's sound of course. Caffery's sound is influenced by Savatage a lot and this is more than obvious in every single track. His vocals are based on the classic Savatage vocal lines and the guitars are razor sharp. Now imagine all of the above with the addition of great musicians that give their own touch here and there making this album even more kick-ass: Alex Skolnick (Testament, Savatage…etc.), Nick Douglas (Doro, Blaze), Paul Morris (Doro, Rainbow… etc.) and more.
Every single metalhead has loved the guitar work of Chris Caffery and definitely worshiped every. “Pins And Needles” is a very good name for this album since every song pinches your f*****g hairy ass to get up and headbang until your head rolls on the ground!
Metal Heaven, 2007 (Metal Heaven 00033). Made in Germany. Pressed in Austria.

1. Pins And Needles 04:47
2. 66 04:40
3. Reach Out And Torment Again 03:35
4. Walls 05:35
5. Y.G.B.F.K.M. 04:08
6. It's S-A-D 04:43
7. Chained 04:04
8. Worms 04:08
9. The Sign Of The Crossed 04:14
10. The Time 03:25
11. Mettle Eastern 04:12
12. In The Midst 02:10
13. Quaaludio 01:35
14. The Temple 05:34
Bonus Track:
15. Once Upon A Time 04:52
Total playing time: 61:42

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