VOIVOD “War And Pain” /Digipack CD + Poster/

Re-release of the debut full-length studio album by legendary Canadian Technical Heavy/Thrash Metal band.
That first album from '84 tends to be the overlooked gem in the Voivod discography, as their albums from 1986 to 1991 always garner the most attention from Metal devotees. However, one cannot gloss over the importance over "War And Pain". Until then, Canada was not exactly a leader in the Heavy Metal world. Aside from workmanlike bands like Anvil and Exciter, the great Progressive trio Rush, the more middling trio Triumph, and the fun party Metal of Helix, the country had little to offer, Metalwise, by the time 1984 rolled around. "War And Pain" changed all that; here was an album that was not only so extreme it was startling, but it was also one that derived heavily from the various stalwart bands in the Underground Metal scene at the time, yet remained completely different from anything that came out that year.
Voivod's musical style has changed several times since the band's origin in the early 1980s. Starting out as a Speed Metal band, they have added a mix of Progressive Metal and Thrash Metal to create their own unique Metal style, and Voivod are credited as one of the "big four" Canadian Thrash Metal bands, along with Sacrifice, Razor, and Annihilator.
"War And Pain" is the sound of a band already in mid-stride, and the rate at which they improved as the years went on remains one of the most stunning runs in Heavy Metal history. This swanky re-release will please old fans to no end, and serve as a revelation to younger listeners, proving that it deserves to be placed among Metallica's "Kill 'Em All" and Slayer's "Show No Mercy" as one of the finest debut albums in '80s Underground Metal!!
"Condemned to the Gallows", included in this CD, was the track band recorded for the compilation album "Metal Massacre V". Aside from one cassette release, it was the only track that never re-released on the LP or CD until 2011.
This re-edition features 4 bonus tracks and foldout poster booklet.
Track 10 taken from “Metal Massacre V” (CD/LP 1984).
Tracks 11-13 are taken from “To The Death - Metal Massacre 5 Sessions” (Digital Release 2011).
Metal Blade Records, 1984/2018 (3984-14491-0). Made in Germany. Pressed in Austria.

1. Voivod 4:18
2. Warriors of Ice 5:07
3. Suck Your Bone 3:34
4. Iron Gang 4:17
5. War and Pain 4:55
6. Blower 2:44
7. Live for Violence 5:12
8. Black City 5:08
9. Nuclear War 7:05
Bonus tracks:
10. Condemned to the Gallows 5:09
11. Voivod 4:42
12. Iron Gang 4:25
13. Condemned to the Gallows 5:10
Total playing time: 61:46 min.

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