MONTES INSANIA “Absurdum” + “I Am Empty” /CD/

The second full-length album by Russian-Ukrainian Post-Black Metal band.
"Absurdum" is entirely dedicated to the works of Albert Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre. Dark existentialism entwined with unconventional plangent melancholic Black Metal and weird polyphony created by stringed and keyed instruments.
Ten-minute title song is a pure manifesto of absurd setting the tone for the whole album, while the rest of the songs tell stories about fatuity and pointlessness of being.
The original eclectic combination of Dark, Doom and Black Metal with some elements from Classical music and Avant-Garde which cannot be compared to anything familiar or forced into any traditional framework known to the listeners!
CD also features EP "I Am Empty" (2014) as a bonus!!
Symbol of Domination Production/More Hate Productions, 2015 (SODP022 / MHP 15-144). Made in Russia. First press.

1. Naught 03:04 
2. Absurdum 09:36 
3. God of Dust 05:11 
4. At Final Was Nothing 05:52 
5. Etude in Color of Past 03:12 
6. Hospice for All 09:03 
7. Farther and Farther 06:51 
8. Of Memory 06:52 
9. Fadding World 05:27 
10. Escape 08:19 
11. Nihilist 04:40 
12. Porcelain Swan 07:31 
13. Black Road 04:13
Total playing time: 79:51


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