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XANADOO / FASTKILL “Thrashing In The East” /Autographed Split CD/

  • XANADOO / FASTKILL “Thrashing In The East” /Autographed Split CD/
  • XANADOO / FASTKILL “Thrashing In The East” /Autographed Split CD/
  • XANADOO / FASTKILL “Thrashing In The East” /Autographed Split CD/
  • Код товару: RAFF-001
  • Отримаєте бонус-скрепів: 10
  • Наявність: В наявності

  • € 9.90

  • Ціна в бонус-скрепах: 99

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The fourth split release of two Thrash Metal bands - Xanadoo from Singapore and Fastkill from Japan.
"Thrashing In The East" presents two Asian Thrash Metal bands on one CD, coming together to provide 8 tracks of good, Thrashing fun. 

Xanadoo is fast Thrash Metal with traces of Crossover. Band‘s 2010 debut full-length album "Black. Death. Grind. Shit!" contained re-recorded versions of the tracks that were on the band’s previous 2 demos, "Blood Is Dirt" and "This Demo Is Shit", and while the quality of the re-recorded versions were certainly awesome as f**k, the fact that it contained only 1 new track ("Subterranean Hemorrhoid Blues") left fans craving for even more new material. "Thrashing In The East" is then that long-awaited antidote, with Xanadoo finally releasing 4 (well, technically 3) brand new tracks along with their Japanese compatriots Fastkill!
Includes an Abigail cover!

Fastkill is brutal fast Thrash the way it’s meant to be! As though the dosage of speed by Xanadoo weren’t enough, Fastkill begins their onslaught with a rough mix of "Stench Of Hell", off their recent full-length album, "Bestial Thrashing Bulldozer". The raw sound of this rough mix helps to bring out that high energy and intensity that is in the band’s playing, and is definitely a nice touch to the already devastating final version of the track. Toshio’s characteristic screechy vocals are still instantly recognizable, and so is the breakneck speed that Fastkill tends to indulge themselves in.
Sick Tankard cover includes!

Thrashing in the East is one hell of an exciting and enjoyable release, and while it is business as usual for speed maniacs Fastkill, the fresh tracks of Xanadoo definitely made this a noteworthy release as well! The craving is more than satisfied for now!!
Riff Raff Records/Nuclear Gaichal Recordings/One A Records/Rock Stakk Records, 2012 (RAFF-001). Made in Asia. First press.


1. Repression     2:00
2. The Keyboard Warrior     2:55
3. Fuck Tiger Beer     2:28
4. War 666 (cover Abigial)     2:52

5. Stench Of Hell     2:53
6. The Morning After (cover Tankard)     3:27
7. Die In Pain (Live)     2:39     
8. Toxic Tormentor (Live)     3:22

Total playing time: 22:36


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