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  • THE PRIVATEER “Monolith” /CD/
  • THE PRIVATEER “Monolith” /CD/
  • THE PRIVATEER “Monolith” /CD/

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  • Код товару: TZ 045
  • Наявність: В наявності

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The second full-length studio album by German Folk/Power Metal band.
While people usually think of Alestorm when the term "Pirate Metal", there is obviously more than just this band. The Privateer doesn’t sound like Alestorm, not at all! It’s a mix of melodic Death Metal, acoustic passages, here and there are some influences of classic Heavy Metal, and of course some elements of Folk Metal, where the violin plays the lead role.
No song is the same, and they found a good balance between harsher, pounding songs and acoustic, atmospheric songs. In result, an album that keeps your attention and it stays interesting during the playtime of almost an hour.
"Monolith" is a decent record, with songs that are going to be a success when played live. Nice for those fans of pirates!
Trollzorn Records, 2013 (TZ 045). Made in Germany. Pressed in Austria. First press. Please note: although the item is new and never played, there are light visual bends on the booklet and shabby on disc surface, that happened during transit.

1. Setting Forth 1:32
2. A Sequel From A Distant Visit 4:14
3. What We Took Home 2:31
4. Track Down And Avenge 5:11
5. Ember Sea 6:11
6. Monolith 6:08
7. Störtebeker 4:38
8. The Privateer 3:27
9. Madmans Diaries 4:38
10. The Tides 2:59
11. For What Lurks In The Storm 6:18
12. In The Nought Of The Wind 6:27
Total playing time: 54:22 min.

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