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SPI RITUAL "Pulse" /Autographed Digipack CD/

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  • SPI RITUAL "Pulse" /Autographed Digipack CD/

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    Гурт: SPI RITUAL
  • Код товару: LTP-001
  • Наявність: В наявності

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Debut album by German Ethno/Gothic Metal band, formed by Stefan Hertrich (Shiva in Exile, ex-Betray My Secrets, ex-Sculpture, ex-Darkseed).
Author call this album as mini-album, but it’s not right, because album have more than half hour duration and six full tracks, and it’s enough for full-length album.
Mixing ethnic and Middle Eastern elements with loud, blasting Metal, vicious vocals, awe inspiring guitar work, an abundance of ambiance and a roster of guest musicians that could practically take up an entire page of the booklet, Spi Ritual's "Pulse" leaves few areas untouched.
This enhanced CD includes a multimedia section and a video clip for "Pulse", and comes with a Spi Ritual sticker. Originally released as a digipack, pressing error caused to open improperly. The album was re-released on Sensory Dark in a jewel case with two bonus tracks, and this version is classified as a full-length.
 We got these CDs from the hands of author and it’s signed by Stefan Hertrich!!
Listen Think Puplishing, 2005 (LTP-001). Made in Germany. First press.

1. This Battle Is Yours 05:40
2. Symphony of Life 07:39
3. Nahash 05:50
4. Pulse 08:34
5. Save and Heal 04:38
6. Nowhereness 02:36
Total playing time: 34:57


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