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Retro Musique Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit /Record Care/

  • Код товару: RMVRCK-RecordCare
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  • € 28.90

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This Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit from Retro Musique is the best solution for the serious vinyl record collector and contains everything you need to keep your vinyl records in tip-top condition and delivering the best possible stereo sound.
Dust gathering in the groove of your vinyl distorts the audio quality and is easily removed with the carbon fibre roller brush - an essential and quick way to reduce build-up on the surface of the record.
A cleaning fluid atomiser solution, together with a micro-fibre cloth, and wet and dry cleaning tissues will help you to maintain the cleanliness of the record's surface and reduce static build up.
A Stylus Needle Cleaning Brush is designed to clean the delicate stylus and those hard to reach places - helping you to enjoy your vinyl fully.
Full guidance instructions are included inside this handy tin, which means that all your cleaning tools are stored together. This is the perfect gift for all lovers of vinyl records and turntables!
KB Imports, Ltd. NR30 4DL, 2016 (KXRM 05). Made in UK.

Tin box contains:
· Carbon Fibre Anti-Static Brush - eliminates static charge whilst removing the fine dust particles that can build up and distort sound;
· Stylus Cleaning Brush - perfect for gently reaching the tip of the stylus and removing fluff and dust particles that accumulate - without damaging the delicate stylus
· Deep Cleaner Solution Spray and Micro-Fibre Cloth - thoroughly cleaning the surface of your vinyl records
· Wet And Dry Cleaning Tissues - free from harmful chemicals and ammonia to further help remove static build-up.

Additional information:
Brand: Retro Musique
Pack: Tin Box
Model: RM1
UPC: 754220657000
EAN: 0754220657000
Box Size: 5.98 x 1.89 x 1.89 inches
Package Weight: 1.01 pounds

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