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DESPAIRATION "Music For The Night" /CD/

  • DESPAIRATION "Music For The Night" /CD/

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  • Код товару: echo009
  • Отримаєте бонус-скрепів: 4
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4th full-length album by mysterious Gothic Dark Metal/Rock band from Germany.
Nearly 80 minute orchestral gothic darkness full of melancholy and atmospheres. Open your doors of perception to this world full of pathos and magic sensations. Scratching, violin, cello, bassoon, flute, trumpet… experience with the mix of a marijuana trip, an impressing free jazz session and a breeze of Heavy Metal (the guitar solos of Martin F. Jungkunz are great!)
My Kingdom Music, 2004 (echo009)

1.Music For The Night 05:10
2.Drift 03:53
3.Phantastronaut 07:19
4.River Of Perdition 03:51
5.Undergound Poetry 04:53
6.Madrigal 01:57
7.L'avion Ivre 04:59
8.Asteroid YB5 05:57
9.Firebird 05:35
10.Moondrawn Awakening 01:00
11.Proteus 02:41
12.Zeitgeist 03:55
13.April Mourning 03:13
14.Song Of The Nightingale 04:22
15.Nuit En Enfer 04:21
16.Colourado Mindtrip 05:35
17.Space Sound Park 03:59
18.Penelope 05:44
Total playing time: 78:24

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