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ADAMAS “Heavy Thoughts” /CD/

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  • ADAMAS “Heavy Thoughts” /CD/
  • ADAMAS “Heavy Thoughts” /CD/

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    Гурт: ADAMAS
  • Код товару: SGCD077
  • Наявність: В наявності

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The second full-length album by Italian Melodic Thrash Metal band.
"Heavy Thoughts" is well-balanced blend of the '80s sound, that characterized the band since the first album, and more modern sounds. Not always an easy listener, “Heavy Thoughts” is a chapter of what might be referred to as heavy thinking or strong contemplations. 
Generally, within the album there is a rather impressive development to Thrash Metal, with various similarities to early 90’s Megadeth’s “Countdown To Extinction” and a few technically acclaimed qualities of Annihilator of the same period.
Adamas appeared to take their music forward, still tending the heaviness with straightforward direction of riffery, exemplifying traditional to almost mini Alternative style riffs while producing a fine line of solos to throw more wood into the fire. To further spice things up, there are a few diverse rhythm section performances of high end bass notes and cool drumming. Vocally, it was more of a storytelling mixed with a direct melody less type of singing, raspy tones and the works, feeling of anger with a smell of depression. Hard to connect with but it actually suited the material.
Good album that’s worth your listening, especially if you're Megadeth fan!
Guest appearance: Christian Bartolacci, Marco Vitali and Blaze Bayley!!
SG Records, 2015 (SGCD077). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Heavy Thoughts 03:51
2. E.T.N.A. 05:20
3. The Reaper 04:17
4. In Bond-Age 04:38
5. Morphine 04:54
6. Chains of Time 03:49
7. Wipe-Out 04:24
8. Pit My Skin 04:42
9. Dare Your Hate 06:20
Total playing time: 42:17 min.



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