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ABOMINANT “Where Demons Dwell” /CD/

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  • ABOMINANT “Where Demons Dwell” /CD/
  • ABOMINANT “Where Demons Dwell” /CD/
  • ABOMINANT “Where Demons Dwell” /CD/
  • ABOMINANT “Where Demons Dwell” /CD/

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  • Код товару: DG 61
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The ninth full-length studio album by American Death Metal band.
Kentucky's masters finally arrived with 8 tracks of pummelling Extreme Metal!
There is always something to be said for persistence, and perhaps Abominant are one of our most stalwart American lessons in this virtue, having released nine full-length albums, all but hidden from mainstream recognition, offering nothing more than the purest of Death Metal aesthetics that conjure up the Florida blasting of a Morbid Angel or Malevolent Creation, with a tinge of the good old Dutch style of Sinister and Pestilence.
Year after year and an album after another, Abominant has been cranking up new material since mid 90s and never reaching big fame. This is understandable in the context that the band most certainly aren’t innovating anything new, but on the other hand, their newest output "Where Demons Dwell" is a great listen. Perhaps the album serves as the proper catalyst to a re-evaluation of the veterans' backlog, because this is a well-written, mature album that clenches the attention span through most of its eight compositions.
Nothing could be sweeter than hearing a veteran band like this, far off the radars of most of the Nile, Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse worshipping Death Metal flock, create one of their most enduring pieces, and their long relationship with Deathgasm Records seems to have paid off. An American band, performing 90s style death metal without any trace of trendiness or bullshit...
"Where Demons Dwell" is the soundtrack to total nuclear fallout!!
Deathgasm Records, 2010 (DG 61). Made in USA. First press.

1. Baptized by Steel 05:52   
2. Bloodland 03:48   
3. Firestorm 04:22   
4. Rain of Ash 04:36   
5. After the Fallout 05:42   
6. The Wolves of Hate 03:54   
7. Blackened Earth 04:33   
8. Where Demons Dwell 06:07  
Total playing time: 38:56 min.


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