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THE MOSHKETEERS "The Downward Spiral" /CD/

  • THE MOSHKETEERS "The Downward Spiral" /CD/

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Remastered re-release on CD of the debut full-length album by American Thrash Metal band.
Previously known as Rapture (a name they really should have kept!), this reissue brings the one and only Moshketeers album back to life. Originally released in 1992, this album gets new cover artwork and adds a variety of bonus tracks. The Moshketeers were one of Christian Metal underground bands most reveled "secrets". "The Downward Spiral" was independently released on cassette only. Finally in 2010 Roxx Records secured the rights to reissue this gem upon a suspecting world!
First of all, 'The Downward Spiral' is just as good as the rumors would have it! The bands brand of Thrash Metal is unlike any band you've ever heard, yet it's well rooted in the American Thrash Metal scene of the late '80's. The band’s name, and their Bermuda shorts-clad looks leads the mind toward some of the bands that mixed Thrash Metal with Hardcore and humor, like Anthrax, S.O.D. or M.O.D.. And while the former of those bands can somewhat serve as a pinpoint towards The Moshketeers Thrash Metal sound; they are as different as they are similar.
Re-edition contains five bonus tracks!
Roxx Productions, 1992/2010 (RPCD-MOSH01). Made in USA.

1. Sin
2. The Downward Spiral
3. Locked In Chains
4. Ye
5. The Myth
6. Self Extinction
7. Epicurus
8. Posers Of Deceit
9. Grease The Duck
10. Nightmares
11. The Life Of Emptiness
12. Return
13. Take My Life
14. Death Or Life
15. Thelo Agnoia
16. Ye!


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