DECLINE "Cold Declaration of Visceral Disgust" /CD/

Second full-length album by Polish Black Metal band.
New album of vulgar Black Metal band claimed to be the most hated in the Polish underground.
Disgusting Black Metal!!!
Old Legend Productions, 2011 (olp-cd 12)

1.Death to All 04:32
2.Behated 05:05
3.Krwawe Sztandary 03:15
4.Violent Dead Breed 04:07
5.Inhale The Smoke 03:42
6.Qualm 04:24
7.Geneza Upadku 04:09
8.Rampage 03:54
9.Some Kind of Hate 02:47
10.Epilog 04:04
11.Cold Declaration of Visceral Disgust 06:18
Total playing time: 46:17

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