TAEKAURY “Spirit Of Koguryo” /CD/

Debut full-length album by Korean Pagan Black Metal band.
Formerly the long standing Korean Black Metal band, Apparition, now with a name change, this samurai makes traditional Black Metal since the 90s, with music based on themes of traditional Korean pagan beliefs & history.
Possibly his strongest album to date!
Fallen-Angels Productions, 2014 (AngeL10). Made in South Korea. First press.

1.Intro - 天地開闢
2.Killing Racist
3.Fucking Nowadays Korean Mental
4.Spirit of Koguryo
5.Gwanggaeto the Great King
6.From Dusk Till Dawn
7.Outro - 蚩尤戱
Bonus Track:
8.Way of Blood

Samples: http://www.last.fm

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