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CATACUMBA / ABIGAIL / TAEKAURY / THE TRUE ENDLESS “Region Of The Underworld” /4-way Split CD/

  • CATACUMBA / ABIGAIL / TAEKAURY / THE TRUE ENDLESS “Region Of The Underworld” /4-way Split CD/
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Another split from Black Metal Underground world!
Brazilian Black Metal vs Japanese Black/Thrash Metal vs South Korean Pagan Black Metal vs Italian Black Metal.
Brazilian Black Metal band Catacumba pays four songs here. As the band describes: unmetaphysical Terrorism against the Homo Sapiens existence. Here is the temple of bones, no gods remains here. The entity known by the mortals as Catacumba intents to absorb the human despair via terrorism attempts, through its brotherhood’s Metal Musick, and inspired by the greatest names of this style, being them awaken or not. Here we are presented with several Black/Death Meal takes, some of them atmospheric, others raw, crude and evil. Their music oozes pure hatred and brutality, with fast drumming, exceptional riffs, and vocals that sounds like they’re simply vomiting pure darkness.
Almighty cult Japanese band Abigail also contributes with four songs, two of them live versions. We are presented with the band’s amazing Black/Thrash Metal, crazy and thrilling riffs, their music is really exciting. And Yasuyuki Suzuki’s unique vocals add more “charm” to this band; it sounds like the guy doesn’t care about what you think concerning his lyrics, his insane vocals, album covers. And it’s simply devastating to see so many Japanese Metal bands touring around the world and selling loads of albums just because they “look cool” when for bands like Abigail and Sabbat this is way more difficult. You’ll headbang and mosh even by yourself!
Next a surprise is a South Korean band that is really the one man Pagan Black Metal project Taekaury and it's contributes with three songs. This musician is really the old martial arts way and has anti-Christian and anti-racist views. His music is utterly fast, raw, powerful and heavy. The guitars sound like visions of a distorted mind and the vocals are incredible shrieks. The music is brutal and has this noisy feel, but it can also feel atmospheric. An outstanding work!
And last, but not least, The True Endless, an Italian Black Metal band that hails from the paradise region of the Piedmont. In their words, The True Endless plays Black Metal exclusively! Lyrics are about war, death destruction, suffering and plagues, no political bullshits! The band was created in the winter of 1997 by M. and Soulfucker. Their goal was to create violent and trendkiller music. They have an old-school, mid-tempo to up-tempo Black Metal, sounding very organic, heavy and genuine, but there are also atmospheric passages. The music also sounds very cold and mysterious, occult and they managed to do this without all those effects that some bands overuse and don’t come close to their enigmatic sound.
Very enjoyable and interesting CD and it’s recommended for all fans of real Black Metal!!
Fallen-Angels Productions, 2014 (AngeL008). Made in South Korea. First press.

01. Catacumba - A Chant for Bacchus 04:28 
02. Catacumba - Temple of Bones 04:43 
03. Catacumba - Narcomagick (Alternative Mix) 04:05 
04. Catacumba - Sphere of Silence 04:49 
05. Abigail - Fire After Fire 03:38 
06. Abigail - Fight for My Master 02:12 
07. Abigail - Satanik Metal Fucking Hell (Live) 03:34 
08. Abigail - Hell's Necromancer (Live) 03:34 
09. Taekaury - Killing Racist 04:42 
10. Taekaury - Fucking Nowadays Korean Mental 04:30 
11. Taekaury - Way of Blood 05:36 
12. The True Endless - Black Swamp 06:41 
13. The True Endless - The Yoke 06:45 
14. The True Endless - Burnt At His Altar (Beastcraft cover) 04:40 
Total playing time: 63:57

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