STEEL PROPHET “Dark Hallucinations” /Digipack CD/

Remastered re-release of the third full-length album by the cult American Progressive Power/Thrash Metal band.
One of Power Metal's most underrated bands, America's Steel Prophet has managed to mix aggressive, borderline Thrash and Progressive Metal with some supremely melodic arrangements. True Metal at it's best! Steel Prophet is a name that never actually heard until they started putting songs on just about every Heavy Metal "tribute" CD that came out. Thing about their covers were that they were usually the best songs on the compilations.
The concept album based on Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451" showed off the band's knack for twin-guitar leads and its ability to craft memorable songs and solos. Twin-guitar leads and melodic vocal lines in the classic mold of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. In fact, so complete is this record that a faithful cover of Fates Warning's "The Apparition" seems tacked on at the end.
Mythiasin's voice, along with Kachinsky's vision, is one major reason why Steel Prophet continued to exist despite years of flying under the Metal community's radar. The band released compelling, intelligent and muscular Metal during America's Grunge and Nu-Metal era. For that alone, we should be grateful. 
In any case, this is an excellent album, sort of like early Fates Warning but heavier!
Digitally 24-Bit remastered re-edition on 24kt Gold CD!
Nuclear Blast GmbH/Metal Mind Productions, 1999/2008 (MASS CD 1230 DG). Made in Poland.

1. Montag (Chapter One) 5:58
2. New Life (Chapter Fice) 5:27
3. Strange Encounter (Chapter Two) 4:42
4. The Secret (Chapter Three) 5:26
5. We Are Not Alone 5:31
6. Betrayal (Chapter Four) 6:38
7. Look What You've Done 4:03
8. Scarred For Life 4:26
9. Spectres 4:41
10. The Apparation 5:49
Bonus Track:
11. Ride The Sky 5:58
Total playing time: 58:39

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