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BATTLE DAGORATH "Eternal Throne" /CD/

  • BATTLE DAGORATH "Eternal Throne" /CD/

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European re-release of the debut full-length album by American Black Metal band.
An opus of cold, bleak atmospheres and intense glorification of darkness. This is a decent modern Black Metal album that really reminds of "In the Nightside Eclipse" to an extent, which isn’t a bad thing as it was arguably Emperor’s crowning achievement. This Tolkien-inspired horde blaze through frozen cosmic landscapes."Eternal Throne" is a lengthy album, which is really only broken up by the few minutes of ambience. The ambience isn’t even really scattered, the album opens and closes with an ambient track that appears to have been composed by the same person (Vinterriket) who mastered the album. This is an album that was done well and in a truer Black Metal form. Raw sweeping monuments to the black towers and the haunting presence of the ancient fallen warspirits. Enter the realm of cold misanthropic majesty!!
Cold Dimensions, 2008/2009 (Dimension 014). Made in Germany.

1. Dämmerstunde (Einklang) 01:38
2. Dead Eyes of the Moon 05:07
3. Ruin Upon the Mountainside 08:45
4. The Dark Fire, the Black Gate 07:43
5. The Marching Shadows of Eternal Death 06:54
6. Under the Warlord Spell 06:42
7. Carn Dûm 06:53
8. In the Forest of Frozen Darkness 10:45
9. Archetyp des Schicksals (Ausklang) 03:35
Total playing time: 58:02

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